About the university chaplains

Who are the university chaplains?

Nanna og Christen, Studenterpræster AalborgThe University Chaplains are employed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark, as chaplains for students and employees at Aalborg University and University College of Northern Denmark (UCN). Both chaplains are also affiliated with the Budolfi Parish (the city's cathedral). We have offices at Kroghstræde 3 (campus Aalborg East) and in The Student House, where we offer counselling and guidance. In addition to this we organize a number of activities and  events each semester.

What do the university chaplains do?


An important part of our work is personal counselling to students and employees on personal, social, study related or existential/religious issues and problems. We are outside "the system" and bound by confidentiality. Read more about our counselling here.


Each semester we organize a number of lectures and debates, as well as social events. Our events are mostly free and some of these are specifically for international students. See our event calendar here.

Professional consultancy:

The University Chaplains also offer consultancy for projects or assignments regarding subjects as ethics, values, beliefs, faith, religion and theology. We can also assist with contacting churches and chaplains for qualitative research. You are welcome to contact us for further information.

Church activities:

You can also use the University Chaplains for church activities such as weddings and baptisms. Both chaplains are affiliated to Budolfi Cathedral and 'Klosterkirken'.

Meet the university chaplains

Nanna Holm is 50 years old. She has been a university chaplain since 1st of March 2018. Nanna is originally MA in Spanish and religion and has afterwards studied theology to become a priest. Before she has worked within education and development, among other things in Switzerland.  

Privately, Nanna lives in Aarhus with her husband, Jesper, who is a lecturer in law, and their two children. 


Aalborg University
Kroghstræde 3, Entrance C, Room 4.246
9220 Aalborg East


Student House (Studenterhuset)
Gl. Torv 10, room 224
9000 Aalborg


Nanna: 24 98 46 70

Christen: 40 34 90 96



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