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Dine with a Dane

Dine with a Dane



Are you an international student? Are you new in Aalborg? Do you want to make new friends? Then ‘Dine with a Dane’ is just for you!

Get a unique experience of local Danish culture and hospitality.
Meet Danes in their own homes and enjoy a Dinner and an evening in good company.
It´s all free of charge or other obligations for you. And who knows: maybe new lasting friendships are waiting!

A number of local Danes in Aalborg have volunteered to invite international students who are new in Aalborg for Dinner an evening in October, November or December 2018.

The idea is to give new students in Aalborg a chance to meet Danes in their own homes and enjoy a Dinner and an evening in good company.

Please remember to inform us if you are allergic to specific food or if there for other reasons is food which you cannot eat.

As the number of hosts is limited we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all requests

If you have any questions before applying please send an e-mail or phone the University Chaplains at: praesten@adm.aau.dk or (+45) 99 40 90 96.

Organizers: The University Chaplaincy Aalborg


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